Huading Group is involved in manufacturing full range of printed circuit boards and we accept prototype to medium and big at any quantity available. Our factories are working 24 hours around the clock, 7 days a week so we could provide very fast services required in this industry. Our company details are :

First Single-sided PCB factory started on Aug. 06, 1976
First double-sided PCB factory started on Aug. 06, 1982
First Multilayer PCB factory started on Aug. 06, 1988
A member of CPCA= China Printed Circuit Association since CPCA establishment in June, 1990
First flex FCB factory started on Jan. 06, 1996
Huading Group Established on 16 Mar, 1996
Director of China Printed Circuit Association since June, 2000
Executive director of China Printed Circuit Association since Mar., 2012
First Metal-cored (Aluminium-based) PCB factory started on Aug. 06, 2006
Land area: 96,000 M2
Building area: 66,000 M2

Products: Single-sided PCB, Double-sided PCB, Standard MLB, Sophisticated MLB, HDI MLB, Flexible PCB, Flex-rigid PCB,Aluminimum-based PCB, Metal-based PCB, ETC.
Capacity: 200,000 square meters of PCBs/month
Certificates: UL. NO: E347973 ;E484912; QS9000;ISO9001; TS16949; and IS014001

All the above products mentioned are made in the PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA and they are conformed to MIL & IPC Specifications and Standards.

Other related products and services are available upon request

We are a growing group organization and we are trying constantly to satisfy our customers and our demanding market.



Statement of Compliance with Export Control Regulations

公司自成立以来, 华鼎在公司发展过程中始终严格遵守国家和国际出口管制法律法规,切实履行出口管制责任和义务,树立合法合规经营的良好企业形象,以赢得公司合作伙伴、客户和供应商的信赖,有序开展国际经贸合作。

Since the establishment of the company, Huading has always strictly abided by national and international export control laws and regulations in the process of the company's development, earnestly fulfilled export control responsibilities and obligations. And Huading has established a good corporate image of legal and compliant operation to win the trust of the company's partners, customers and suppliers, and carry out international economic and trade cooperation in an orderly manner.


Huading conducts strict blacklist scanning for suppliers, customers, freight forwarders, visitors and employees, and conducts meticulous due diligence on potential partners. Once violations are found, Huading will refuse to carry out relevant trade activities with them to eliminate potential risks.

华鼎承诺不与美国政府制裁的国家如: 伊朗、古巴、委内瑞拉、南苏丹、叙利亚、俄罗斯等, 包括拉黑的中国企业发生贸易或者合作往来。参照美国BIS的实体清单,最终黑名单以实时更新的搜索网站中的国家、企业和个人为准!

Huading promises not to trade or cooperate with countries sanctioned by the US government, such as Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, South Sudan, Syria, Russia, etc., including Chinese enterprises that have been blocked. Referring to the entity list of the US BIS , the final blacklist is subject to the countries, enterprises and individuals in the real-time update search website!


Huading will strictly control products and technologies, prohibit the export or transfer of controlled products and technologies without permission, and prohibit the use of products for military purposes, surveillance and other human rights violations.


Huading will establish and maintain close contact with the government and its relevant departments, non-governmental organizations and export control experts and scholars, also, keep abreast of relevant policy information and seek professional guidance and authoritative advice.


In order to ensure the implementation of trade compliance requirements, Huading clarifies the responsibilities of each business area: Arranging legal department personnel to improve the company's export control compliance system from the aspects of policies, systems, organizations and processes, conduct a comprehensive assessment of possible export control risks, distinguish different risk levels, and reasonably match the review procedures. Establishing the position of government cooperation commissioner to strictly interpret the policies and laws and regulations related to export control in the place where the business is operated, and promote the implementation and implementation of relevant requirements in all business fields and functional departments. At the same time, Huading pays attention to the education and training of employees, improving their risk awareness, and regularly conducting internal assessment and audit of export control compliance.


Huading hereby requires all employees to commit to making efforts to achieve the company's goal of trade compliance and strictly implement the company's relevant compliance policies. The company will reward employees who actively participate in export control work, and notify and punish employees who violate export control policies. Meanwhile, employees who do not comply with relevant laws and regulations will bear legal responsibilities according to the law.


This statement applies to all departments, branches and all employees of Huading Group.


Huading Group


May 26, 2023



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